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Last month UNHCR announced that the millionth refugee has been registered in LebanonAcross the region UNHCR has counted nearly 3 million Syrian refugees. Meanwhile, crises in Syria, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan have displaced tens of thousands of persons. The violence from which these refugees flee is horrific, the hardships they and their families endure are tragic.

These emergencies emerge alongside long-standing (“protracted”) refugee situations. As noted in UNHCR’s Mid-Year Trends 2013, the number of global refugees has passed 11 million, and there are more than three times as many internally displaced persons (21 million) as there were a decade ago.

These emergencies, these numbers, these long-term crises call for massive protection and assistance efforts by the international community. And while many states have been generous—in providing millions of dollars in assistance, asylum space, and resettlement opportunities—the human needs still far out-strip the relief efforts. The practical measures of assistance and the end of conflict required are well described in numerous UN and NGO reports—I will not rehearse them here.

What we seek to provide in this space is a place for practice and research to come together. What is the best we know about the causes of displacement, the needs and concerns of refugee communities, the scope and nature of mixed migration flows, effective strategies for self-reliance, and innovation in refugee protection and assistance?

I will welcome outside contributions to the discussion, running the blog in a “moderated” format. Visitors are encouraged to comment on contributions. I invite you to join us in this discussion—and this journey.